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Author's Notes"zombie shooter: shooting games" is the latest shooting zombie game.


"zombie shooter: shooting games" is the latest shooting zombie game. Welcome to the City of Radiation. Merge and upgrade more powerful guns to slaughter the zombies. A survival adventure is waiting for you.

You may be the only survivor in this city, the ruins of the end... Zombies are invading everywhere. The guns in your hand are your most trusted friends. Upgrade and intensify them to destroy those abominable invaders.

Super casual one-handed operation with two things that need to be done:
• Merge and upgrade your guns
• Slaughter the zombies

Completely free. Enjoy the hearty and refreshing massacre. Watching ads can give you a better gaming experience.

Dozens of classic guns are waiting for you to unlock, merge and upgrade. Expand your gun collection in "zombie shooter: shooting games"! Become the god of firearms!

Just now! Download "zombie shooter: shooting games" for free! Cool shooting! Killing zombies! Survival or destruction? The choice is yours.
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zombie shooter: shooting games APK - v1.1.3

Updated: 2020-08-29

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1.1.3 (113)2020-08-29
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