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Author's NotesDraw a tarotcard from the 78 tarot cards: tarot, love, money, work, spirituality


This Tarot app is the most elaborate and complete app of its kind.

The app wil help you to get much more clarity about your present situation.
Thanks to the information you are presented with, you will be able to make truly conscious choices and take full responsibility for your decisions.
Tarot cards are not so much about predictions as they are about mirroring your soul and inner values.
We advise you to choose only 1 card every day.
While selecting your card it is important to trust your inner guides!
This is a straightforward Tarot app, no fussing, going right to the point!
1) General
2) Personal relationships and love
3) Work and career
4) Spirituality

Do you recognize these questions?
- Is he/she the love of my life?
- Where am I going with this relationship?
- Am I making the right decision?
- Is this the right job for me?
- What does the future hold for me?
- How will my financial situation develop?

Your Tarot has developed the ¨draw your Tarot card of the day¨ especially for you.
What wisdom does the tarot offer you today? Relax, breathe calmly in and out and ask yourself a question in your mind. Then draw a tarot card by clicking on the tarot deck. The card you draw as such could help you solve your problems.
Tarot makes people think, helps them to weigh the pros and cons of the situation.
What is Tarot?
The Tarot Deck consists of a set of 78 cards that speak their own language through images. These 78 Tarot cards together represent life, with all the ups and downs that it has to offer. Consider tarot as a loose-leaf ¨picture book of life¨, containing 78 pictures Everything is in it!
The 78 cards are divided into a Big Arcana (22 cards) and a Small Arcana (56 cards). When the word "Arcana" is replaced by its meaning "secret", it quickly becomes clear what the pictures show us; answers to development processes and other processes in everyday life.
Tarot is a comprehensive system with so much depth, that you do not get bored there. Precisely this makes tarot so fascinating. The symbolism, archetypes, numbers, colors and the four elements conceal knowledge of a distant past. The many layers in the tarot offer an excellent opportunity for study.
The layers of significance, however, also offer the possibility of using the cards as "mirrors" in order to look at the things that concern us right now. The images evoke something in our inner.
Tarot is a flexible and powerful tool to quickly obtain insight into many areas. A Tarot card of the day gives an idea about the theme that concerns you. The card which appears on your screen will relate to what occupies you within your personal circumstances. It will show something, that is true ("foretelling¨) about inner and external data, about pitfalls and learning lessons about fears, ambitions and capabilities, about strengths and weaknesses.
The origin of this mysterious game is still shrouded in mystery, despite the many stories. Yet it has fascinated and moved people from the most diverse backgrounds and cultures, and constantly inspired people to come to new perspectives.tarot, free tarot, psychic, tarotcard, tarot reading, future tarot, your tarot, today tarot, love tarot,
Written by: Taraspirit with special thanks to Christien Boosten
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