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Author's NotesThe app that protects your phone against tracking, malware, fraud & more.


What does Yonly do?

- Works in the background, for any browser, app and system component. Unlike other apps, Yonly protects the entire phone;
- Makes your Internet more private and protects your browsing information from being collected;
- Keeps your Internet safe by blocking links that contain malware, phishing, fraud and other scams;
- Protects app information;
- Increases Internet speed*.

What technology does it use?

We have developed our own in-house technology for Yonly.
It works by using an encrypted DNS that sits between your phone and the Internet, filtering domains, monitoring IP and anomalies.
This works similar to a VPN, but without the battery, performance and wallet penalty of one.

What are YOU doing with my data?

We do not collect, distribute, or resell your private data. Yonly is crafted in the EU, so we're, by design, fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the toughest privacy and security law in the world.

How much does it cost?

Yonly is free. Encrypting your DNS requests for privacy (that is, your browsing details) will always be free. The security layer (that blocks malware, phishing and other threats), included for free in this Early Preview, will set you back $2.99/month after March 31 2020.

Who is behind Yonly?

We're a small team of tech experts who are deeply concerned with our privacy online. We're not happy to hear some Internet providers, and others, are monitoring and selling our browsing data to third parties without consent.

We're powered by Bitdefender, one of the world's top cybersecurity brands, trusted by more than 500 millions users worldwide.

Yonly is in Early Preview phase. Please send us comments and questions at:

Privacy ON
Yonly is the easy & proper way to keep private on the Internet. After all, Yonly stands for “you only”. Because you and only you should have access to your data. Not your internet provider, not other personal data hijackers.

Turn Yonly ON to fight privacy invasion.
Say goodbye to profiling, identity theft and unwarranted access to your personal data.

Security ON
Threats may be lurking around every corner of the Internet, but you have Yonly to detect them and keep them away. When a threat is blocked, Yonly will send a push notification to warn you. Every step you take online, Yonly has your back.

Browse freely and confidently, you are protected from:
- online tracking
- malware
- phishing attempts
- crypto mining
- Internet fraud

Plus, get reports about targeted ads, anomalies and other suspicious activities.

*Speed ON
The Bitdefender DNS service we’re using is premium, faster than many standard DNS employed by ISPs. Therefore, in many cases, Yonly may boost your internet speeds.
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Yonly - Safe & Private Internet - Early Preview APK - v1.091.28

Updated: 2020-03-31

What's new

DNS-level protection against tracking, malware, phishing, fraud and more
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