A suite of tools that extend the Xtime platform to your mobile device



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OS RequireAndroid 7.x - Nougat
Author's NotesA suite of tools that extend the Xtime platform to your mobile device


• Customer Messaging allows dealership staff to respond quickly, streamlining interactions with customers.

• DealerChat expedites work in progress by facilitating communications with internal employees.

• Mobile Inspect allows technicians to complete multipoint inspections from anywhere. Users can take photos, videos, and audio clips of inspected vehicles and attach to the recommended services. Vehicle history is available with each and every vehicle inspection.

• Users will receive push notifications on their mobile device when Xtime alerts are triggered for events such as new customer messages or new RO assignments.

Xtime Mobile App can be downloaded for free, but does require a monthly subscription and signed license agreement. If you log into the app and do not see any data, please verify with management that you have a license agreement to use the app. If you are an existing Xtime user and would like to utilize this app, please contact your Xtime sales representative.
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Xtime Mobile APK - v7.78.0

Updated: 2020-10-03

What's new

Technicians can share media to customer:
1. Upload media to service line and Save
2. Open Media, tap Share icon in upper right corner
3. Enter / edit message to Customer if necessary

First uploaded video to RO will automatically be marked as MPI Video.

Performance enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.
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7.78.0 (77800016)2020-10-03
7.77.34 (77734002)2020-09-07
7.75.0 (77500039)2020-07-09
7.74.0 (77400042)2020-06-02
7.73.0 (77300062)2020-04-11
7.72.0 (77200080)2020-03-06
7.71.1 (77101007)2020-02-16
7.60.0 (76000024)2019-01-25
7.59.0 (75900032)2019-01-08
1.0.63 (12)2018-05-20