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Author's Noteskick punch wrestling revolution champions game


Enter yourself into the most dangerous world of fighting. Lets be ready to start your wrestling championship for the up coming fighting tournament . Defeat all the world class champions with face to face fight and jump fiercely into the ring like legend wrestler. Attack like a super star fighting champion and enjoy freestyle ring wrestling.World wrestling heroes combines their action fights with their personal experiences.So knockout all the enemies and win the ultimate battle.Prove your strength , show your power , attack like a fighter and become the world's ultimate champion of wrestling.So are you ready for war.Put on gloves and keep your fists ready to eliminate all the bad guys.Defeat all your opponents and competitors to win the tournament.To reach onto the top, you have to defeat them all. Fulfill your dream of imagination .

Variety of new fighting techniques like kung fu, muay thai , mix martial arts, karate taekwondo kicks , punches hard hitting and many new arts of fighting. So what are you waiting for select your favorite player to become the best wrestler in the world. This game has accurate game play, controls that are easy to use and has good graphics.

Explore different kinds of locations in realistic manners. So rush into the addictive, thralling and endless action battle filed.Show your powerful strength and fight for your survival.Challenge your friends in fast, dangerous real time combat. Lets excite the crowd and break all the records for the next generation build up energy and effort against rivals and battles. Boost in to the ring and transform your strongest energy to defeat revolution. You are in the breath taking and ground breaking entertainment around the globe.

Don't miss your chance to become fighting game legendary in this famous ultimate quest show whose the boss and the victory will be yours.
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Wrestling Revolution Champions Kick Punch Boxing APK - v1.2.5

Updated: 2020-09-11

What's new

Version 1.2.4
- Bug fixes and improvements

Previous Versions
- Brand new Designed Game UI
- New exciting Player and Opponents
- User can change player character as well as the opponent.
- New enhanced game play
- New fighting controls
- New fighting behaviours
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1.2.5 (54)2020-09-11
1.2.4 (50)2020-07-15
1.2.3 (48)2020-06-29
1.2.1 (45)2020-06-15
1.1.18 (36)2019-12-20
1.1.10 (25)2019-04-25
1.1.4 (19)2017-10-26
1.1.4 (18)2017-10-06
1.1.3 (16)2017-09-12

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Wrestling Revolution Champions Kick Punch Boxing

kick punch wrestling revolution champions game


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