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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesFree Notepad (Notes) to count words, characters, and bytes as soon as you write!


It’s a free Notepad (Notes) app to count words which enumerates as soon as you write.

In addition to "word count", "character count", "sentence count", "paragraph count" and "byte count" are also available.

It’s useful for writing with limitations on number of words or characters, such as reports, essays, columns, speech manuscripts, novels, etc.

☆★ Auto save ★☆
Auto save works when you move to a different screen.
· When keys such as "Home", "Return", "Power" etc. are pressed
· When interrupts such as incoming calls or alarms happen
(*It will be auto saved on a regular basis even during input)

☆★ Take a note directly ★☆
By setting the "Get to note directly" on the setting to ON, the app shows the note screen directly when it starts up.
(* When it is set to "OFF" as default, the notes list screen is displayed.)

☆★ Find your notes ★☆
Please enter keywords in the search bar to find notes.

☆★ Color label ★☆
According to your purposes, "Color label" with 12 colors are available.

☆★ Share ★☆
Share you notes with other apps. They can be converted to ".txt" format and stored in your device. You can also send without saving.

☆★ Register notes from other apps ★☆
You can register notes directly from the "Share" menu of another apps.

☆★ Register notes from text file ★☆
You can register notes directly from text files included in mail attachments, file managers, drives, etc. by "Open with" operation.

☆★ Dark theme (Night mode) ★☆
Dark theme (Night mode) can be easier to see, and it can save battery on some screens.

☆★ Sort by ★☆
You can sort notes alphabetically and numerically.

☆★ Font size ★☆
You can change your font size to make your screen easier to see.

☆★ Customize ★☆
You can customize the app by changing font size, or displaying update date and time.

☆★ Back up & restore ★☆
You can back up content, data, and settings to your Google Account. You can restore your backed-up information to the original phone or to some other Android phones.

Here’s the main functions.

- Count "number of words" as soon as you write
Ex. 1) Word Count in Notes → 4
Ex. 2) i'm you. → 2
Ex. 3) do you live in real-time ??? → 5

- Count "total number" of entered characters as soon as you write
Ex. 1) apple → 5
Ex. 2) Word Counter in Notes → 21
Ex. 3) i am a pen. → 11
*) Line breaks aren't included in number of characters

- Count "number of bytes" as soon as you write

- Auto save of your notes

- Undo / Redo input of notes

- Share your notes with other apps

- Convert your notes to ".txt" format

- Delete your notes whenever you like

- The input characters’ limit is due to your android device, there is no limit set by the app

・Installing is free.

・Get to note directly: ON / OFF
・Auto keyboard: ON / OFF
・Sort by: Title / Note / Date added / Last modified / Last opened / Characters / Bytes
・Font size: Tiny / Little / Small / Medium / Large / Big / Giant / Huge
・First cursor position: Beginning of sentence / End of sentence / Automatic restoration
・Count words: ON / OFF
・Count sentences: ON / OFF
・Count paragraphs: ON / OFF
・Count bytes: ON / OFF
・Display the title: ON / OFF
・Display the updated date and time: ON / OFF
・Language: English / Japanese / Korean / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / Indonesian
・Theme: Light / Dark / System default
・Back up & restore
・Specify characters and lines: ON / OFF
・Count line breaks: ON / OFF
・Count space: ON / OFF
・Character encoding: ISO-2022-JP (JIS) / SHIFT_JIS (SJIS) / EUC-JP / UTF-8 / UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE / UTF-32BE / UTF-32LE / ISO-2022-KR / EUC-KR / ISO-2022-CN / BIG5 / EUC-TW / GB18030
・Get Premium: Activate Ad-free & Premium settings
・Line spacing: 0.0 - 3.0
・Auto capitalize
・Link web URLs: ON / OFF
・Link email address: ON / OFF
・Link phone numbers: ON / OFF
・Align button right: ON / OFF
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Word Counter Notes (Text Editor) :CountablePad APK - v9.2.17

Updated: 2020-12-11

What's new

• Reader mode
• Print note
• Auto save (in real time while editing)
• Undo / Redo
• Bug fixes and other improvements.

If you have any request, feel free to send feedback! And if you enjoy our app, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us a review.
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9.2.17 (139)2020-12-11
9.2.16 (138)2020-11-28
9.2.14 (136)2020-11-21
9.2.12 (134)2020-11-20
9.2.11 (133)2020-11-19
9.2.10 (132)2020-11-17
9.2.8 (130)2020-11-16
9.1.2 (121)2020-10-31
9.0.3 (118)2020-10-01
9.0.2 (117)2020-09-28
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