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Author's NotesFind and Unscramble Words, Solve Crossword Quiz and the Game will WOW You!


Wonder Words is a perfect way to learn new words, improve your vocabulary and logic skills! It’s an exciting puzzle game for crosswords fans with an adventurous twist. Word search games have never been that interesting before! Let’s check together how many puzzles can you solve and how many ancient treasures you’ll find. Take the real challenge!

Try a new word puzzle 🔤 with the best of crosswords, anagrams and word search 🔎. The rules are simple, but the gameplay offers hours of fun! The main goal of Wonder Words is to combine letters into words in different variations and solve the puzzle. Connect letters, find words in a crossword quiz and collect ancient artifacts.

Find more words and get coins for each level solved! It seems easy, but the difficulty of words gradually increases with every new level. Difficult to solve? Use hints to get clues and to ease the process of solving this word puzzle.

Use the special features to make the gameplay more exciting:

Hints. You can use hints when you have no ideas how to solve the puzzle

Bombs. Use bombs to open several letters in your crossword puzzle at once

Shuffle. You can shuffle letters to find necessary words much faster!

This WOW word game is a great possibility to improve your logic and language skills. It has perfect balance of fun and difficulty. Wonder Words leads you through the history of ancient artifacts in various beautiful locations. You will travel to the Maya world, mysterious castles and many other places. Find words, unlock new levels and complete your collection! It’s a real adventure for you to discover ancient artifacts and know something new!

It’s a crossword game for all ages, relax and enjoy the puzzle fun! A free crossword puzzle game is already available for you, no time limit, play anytime and anywhere! Play with your friends and family to have even more fun! Compete with them and brag about your achievements and artefacts! Word games are fun but this one is even more exciting!

- Improve your vocabulary every day!
- Play offline anytime and anywhere!
- Free puzzle game!
- 100+ levels
- Use hints when you can’t solve the word puzzle
- Shuffle to change the order of letters
- Collect artifacts and discover lots of useful facts
- Suitable for all FAMILY members, children & adults

You can find many word games but Wonder Words is standing out with its challenging story about ancient adventure. This is the first word puzzle game discovering the ancient world. Find out curious facts about lost mysterious artifacts.

Expand your vocabulary with modern and fun word puzzles. Wonder Words puzzles starts with simple word games, but then becomes more and more challenging — unlock new levels with more crossword puzzles and collect artifacts!

This is such an exciting game, which will keep your brain 🧠 sharp, expand your vocabulary and help to kill boring time. Let the adventure begin!
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Wonder Words: Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Game APK - v0.51

Updated: 2020-03-27

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