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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesBeautiful the winter live wallpaper with snow, music and 3D-effect parallax


This live wallpaper will take you to a beautiful house on the edge of the forest, hidden from the gaze of others and bustle of everyday city life. The atmosphere is only joy and gladness, shrouded in the spirit of Christmas and a with anticipation of a Happy New Year!

- 3D parallax;
- Christmas tree;
- Falling snow;
- Wind;
- New Year's and Christmas songs by double-clicking;
- Moving clouds;
- Real fire in the courtyard and smoke from the smoker;
- Reflections of light in the windows and on the snow;
- Advanced settings;
- Customizable scrolling background;
- Adjustable Electric garland (color, type, speed);
- HD graphics, OpenGL;
- Saves maximum battery;
- High performance;
- Compatible with phones and tablets.

If you like these live wallpaper, please support us by purchasing the PRO version! You will have access to additional features and a complete list of settings.

Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper:
Menu-> Settings-> Display-> Wallpaper-> Live Wallpaper.
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Winter Holiday Live Wallpaper APK - v3.3.0

Updated: 2020-10-17

What's new

- Significantly improved image quality due to the new anti-aliasing system;
- Improved usability of the "golden keys" (required to open some additional options that were previously not available in the free version).
- Added "Settings" button;
- A NEW SCROLL SYSTEM - click and drag;
- Added Christmas tree and shadows;
- Added a new UltraHD background;
- The colors of the garland are replaced with more realistic ones;
- Changed Santa Claus animation.
- Increased perfomance;
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3.3.0 (29)2020-10-17
3.2.2 (28)2020-04-05
3.2.1 (27)2020-03-19
3.0.0 (22)2020-01-29
3.0.0 (21)2020-01-28
2.3.0 (20)2019-08-29
2.2.1 (19)2019-02-17
2.2.0 (17)2019-01-28
2.1.1 (16)2017-09-29
2.1.0 (15)2017-07-29
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