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Author's NotesTrack windsurfing / kitsurfing sessions, analyze your progress, optimize your gear


Windsurfing & Kitesurfing is a lot about feeling. The feeling when you get planing, when you sail in waves higher then you, or when you just enjoy a ride during sunset. When you are back on the beach, you have a feeling about your session. Was it good, was it bad, was it fast. But mostly you don't know why something was good or bad.

Available in: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and Swedish

With Windsport Tracker you can:

→ track / record your windsurfing and or kitesurfing sessions with GPS / Glonass / Gallileo or Beidou.

→ analyze your sessions about jibes, speed, planing distances etc.

→ optimize your gear, which tuning is better for jibes, or speed. Which sail is your fastest or which board planes best.

If your are a windsurf / kitesurf beginner you can see how you get planing more often, how your jibe ratio gets better.

If your are a windsurfing / kitesurfing amateur you know which gear you rented and which was your most successful, to get an idea what to buy.

If you are advanced windsurfer / kitesurfer, you can tune your gear, see how your planing jibes get better and better and how you get faster.

All Features:

Record / track your windsurfing and kitesurfing sessions:

* import GPX or SBP files (see the link below for sample data) from other gps devices

* record your session with doppler speed accuracy (waterproof bag for your mobile is needed)

Analyze your windsurfing / kitesurfing progress:

* session duration, planing , non planing and resting

* see distance, planing and non planing

* how many jibes you did, planing, non planing and missed

* how many days have you been on the water, overall, yearly, monthly

* see 10 best max speed, 5x avg. and 10x avg. speeds for: 2s, 5s, 10s, 1h, 24h, 100m, 250m, 500m, 1NM, alpha 250, alpha 500 and alpha 1000

Optimize your windsurf / kitesurf gear:

* see in how many sessions you used it, overall, yearly

* see duration by gear, planing, non planing and resting

* see the distance by gear, planing and non planing

* check the jibe ratio by gear, planing, non planing and missed

Send us feedback and follow us for latest news / updates on

* Facebook:

* Instagram:

* Google Plus:

If you need sample data, download gpx tracks from here:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure when using the App on the water, that you use a waterproof bag for your device!

The software is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall the program author be liable for any loss of profits or any other commercial damage, including special, incidental, consequential or other damages occasioned by use of this software.
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WindsportTracker - GPS Windsurfing & Kitesurfing APK - v1.93-210862071

Updated: 2020-11-08

What's new

We are constantly improving the app. Fix bugs and build new functions.

- Portoguese translattion, thanks to Mario :)
- Fixed importing kite sessions
- Fixed issue with Garmin file imports
- new disziplines: Wing Surfing, Wing Foil

Feedback is always welcome, and helps us to make the app even better ;)
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