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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesEnjoy one of the Best Wild Deer Hunting Games 2019 with Trophy Hunting Missions


Welcome to the Jungle Life. Hunt, eat, survive and repeat.

This is the fun hunting game with the easy controller to set you up in the adventure games genre. You are here because you love hunting games and wild animal hunting games, especially wild deer hunting. Each level, you are tasked with hunting wild animals such as wild deer hunt or tiger hunt. You might have played many hunting games but this one has something special, that is trophy hunting. Trophy hunting game is about special deer hunting, lion hunting, zebra hunting, elephant hunting, stag hunting. This is not just a game it is the best wild deer hunting game you have ever played.
Animal hunt is all about the thrill of tiger hunt or any other animal hunt. You have to be careful when you approach a wild deer hunting mission. If deer see you or hear you, he will run away. You need to carefully reach in range for your hunting game task. For example, if you are on wild deer hunting games mission and you are facing a strong deer. Your average gun will not kill it in one shot. You will chase that wild deer as long as it takes to hunt it down.
Complete hunting games missions, unlock better sniper guns, perform a mighty wild animal hunt with better rewards and complete trophy hunting missions. The jungle is filled with wild animals for you to hunt. Hunting game is about wild deer hunt, tiger hunt, lion hunt, and zebra hunt and this wild deer hunting gives you the best wild animal hunting games environment with stunning HD graphics. Real hunter will enjoy life like wild deer hunting and wild tiger hunting missions. You will also enjoy sniper shooting game as much as you enjoy the wild deer hunting part of the game.
Lion and Tiger hunt in this game are not easy, you can get injured if you are not careful. The wild animal hunting games is about realistic actions of the wild animal hunt. If you do a tiger hunt or lion hunt and you are not careful you will fail your mission. But before you can take on any trophy mission you need to make sure you have good sniper shooting gun. You can’t do wild animal hunting if you are not equipped for it. This is a wild safari hunt, filled with dazzling shooting scenario to do wild deer hunting and wild tiger hunt.
Wild animal hunting games have missions but this one has extra. This wild deer hunting game offers better overall experience in hunting games genre. Real hunter will enjoy the trophy hunting because you need to very good in order to play this trophy hunting mission. Our FPS controls are best in the field. We have tweaked these for best Wild Hunting Game Experience. On top of it with best graphics, a mobile game can produce with very small download size. You will surely enjoy this wild deer hunting: animal hunting game.
- 8 Unique sniper shooting guns for missions
- 5x Trophy missions for extra bonus coins
- 15 Levels of wild animal hunting missions (more are coming)
- Realistic Animal behavior
- Best FPS shooting mechanic system
We are a small team of game designer and developers. We put the hard effort into producing this hunting game. To offer free to play, we serve ads in our wild hunting game for some revenue. You can always pay an upfront cost to remove the ads from the game. But kindly don’t give a bad review based on the ads. If you are seeing too many ads kindly email us, we will do our best to fix the issue.
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Wild Deer Hunting: Animal Hunting Games 2019 APK - v1.0.3

Updated: 2019-10-31

What's new

Updated Tutorial Levels
Fine Tweaked Levels
Newer Gun Animations and Effects
Improved Graphics to HD
New controller
New Guns
Increased the levels to 30
Now include new gun skins
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