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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesWant to take a break and win some extra cash, try Wiiny! Make money easily !


You’ll get access to a wide range of free contests with prizes that can go up to $10,000 ! Real money and Amazon gift cards are won every day ! Don’t you think you deserve a win ?!
After less than a year of presence on the PlayStore, we already count more than 150 winners and 100.000 € distributed on our master app APPY.
How does it works ? First, you need to earn some tickets.
You’ll do that by ; playing games (Bingo, scratching…), watching videos, responding to surveys, inviting friends, completing incentive and getting a daily reward because you deserve it.
Great, I have tickets now, but what can I do with it ? Well why don’t participate to a contest using them to get a chance to win the JACKPOT!
1 ticket = 1 chance
The lucky winner will be drawn at the end of each contest and notified by email.
See, simple! 😎
All of our prizes are financed by advertisement. You can also do your shopping in our marketplace 😉
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Wiiny : Earn Cash Money APK - v1.0.14

Updated: 2020-09-12

What's new

Still haven't won? Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Now everyone wins on Wiiny! Play a lot of games and collect cash!
Once you've made up your money, all you have to do is cashout the total into your Paypal account!
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1.0.14 (118)2020-09-12
1.0.8 (112)2020-08-14
1.0.7 (111)2020-08-07
1.0.6 (110)2020-08-04
1.0.4 (108)2020-07-31
1.0.3 (107)2020-07-29
1.0.2 (106)2020-07-27
1.0.0 (102)2020-07-24