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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesSelf-Hosted Wickr Network: Secure ephemeral communications & encrypted files


Wickr Enterprise is ONLY for employees invited by their organization to join a self-hosted private Wickr Enterprise Network. Install Wickr Enterprise on your corporate device to collaborate in a secure on-premise environment built with the world’s most advanced multilayered encryption and ephemerality. On Wickr Enterprise, you can privately communicate with your colleagues, send encrypted files and collaborate in secure rooms.

PLEASE NOTE, users must be provisioned by an organization’s administrator to begin using Wickr Enterprise. To sign up as an organization, please reach out to

You can use Wickr Enterprise to:
• Securely message across your organization.
• Create secure rooms for your team and projects to collaborate.
• Share and review files anywhere, on any device.
• Easily search your existing conversations for keywords and files.
• Verify your contacts to ensure you only share information with trusted parties.
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Wickr Enterprise APK - v5.68.6

Updated: 2021-01-14

What's new

We’re releasing a new version of Wickr Enterprise. Here’s what we’re featuring in our latest release:

* For new SSO users, we’ve switched the Master Recovery Key to a string instead of a QR Code to accommodate users without a camera.
* SSO users can now log out of all of their devices simultaneously
* Support for federation with Wickr Me users
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5.68.6 (5680622)2021-01-14
5.68.6 (5680623)2021-02-03
5.66.11 (5661113)2020-12-18
5.66.11 (5661114)2020-12-30
5.66.10 (5661013)2020-12-07
5.66.10 (5661012)2020-11-26
5.66.9 (5660912)2020-11-20
5.66.8 (5660812)2020-11-19
5.63.10 (5631013)2020-10-28
5.63.10 (5631012)2020-10-23
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