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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesWheelGang helps beginner traders log their trades without fancy excel sheets


WheelGang is great for beginner option traders who want to keep track of their options trades. The dashboard gives you an outline of your portfolio. Add, Close and Delete Trades Easily.


1) Easy To Use

2) Dashboard With a Chart, Realized P/L, Win Rate, Win/Loss Ratio, Average Win and Average Loss

3) Trade Log keeps track of all your trades

4) Calculate Cost-Basis

5) Stock Quotes lookup with chart

6) Options Chain Lookup
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WheelGang - Log Your Options Trades APK - v16

Updated: 2020-08-02

What's new

1) Improved Text Visibility

2) Added Loading Icons for the Add trade, Delete Trade and Close Trade page

3) Fixed Cost Basis Label

4) Negative sign now shows up before the dollar sign for a negative cost basis

5) Cost Basis on ticker page now is the Cost Basis from the latest trade

6) Cost-Basis shown only for short put, cash secured put, covered call and short call contracts

7) Stock price can now be edited for Cost Basis calculation

8) Notes Label only shows up if entered
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16 (16)2020-08-02