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Author's NotesExcited for the angry wolf simulator in a 3d Adventure? Adventure, smash and dash, shooting & killing all is part...




Excited for the angry wolf simulator in a 3d Adventure? Adventure, smash and dash, shooting & killing all is part of this game. A lot of people who went on hunting werewolf just disappeared. Now you are in a world where you will encounter with many monstorous creatures like zombies, the wolf, the werewolf don't become their prey & hunt them down. Kill the wolves and become a wolf hunter as this is the only way of your survival.

Your journey is starting in a dark forest with graveyard, haunted house & snowy mountains. There is moonlight in cold forest where you can't see much which makes wolf survival more difficult.
There is big bad wolf, the wolves can attack one by or in groups.
The wolf's howl is the only sound that you will hear.
Bear hunting has been returned but now with a yeti like dire wolf. Behave smartly in this werewolf simulator game to save yourself. Wolf howls are gonna scare you, be brave and don't let your ears decieve you with howling.

Make your mind! Or you a hunter ? or coward ? Because this is not going to be easy. You will face werewolves! Werewolf attacks with speed of light. They howl and attack in groups and you are alone in this forest surrounded by scary monsters.

Don't worry we will help you with best weapons and tips! Find your safe zone and collect weapons for sharp hunting. You can take bow-arrow, snipper and see-through light bullets. Don't try to make any noise because werewolves has very good hearing. They will chase you in seconds!

This is a survival game where you have to kill 8 group of werewolves to remain alive.

✔ One of the best wolf survival games.
✔ Rifle, Pistol & Modern guns for wolf hunting.
✔ Hunting werewolves in cold forest to live.
✔ Spy cameras, flashlight gun & other survival items to help you in surviving journey.
✔ Find individual werewolves and try to kill them separately with arrows!

You need to equip yourself with spy cameras, traps, hunting rifle, flashlight gun and all necessary items for horror survival. You can always come back to collect emergency health box or more bullets.

Forest surviaval begins as soon as you leave cottage. Remember, many people have tried to kill the werewolves but failed. Play smartly in this adventurous monster killer game.

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Werewolf Survival Simulator APK - v1.0

Updated: 2019-02-25

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The angry werewolf adventures.
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