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Author's NotesAn accurate weather app that provides hourly weather and daily weather.


A global weather service that supports daily weather queries in about 199 countries and more than 200,000 cities.

Based on leading professional technology and huge weather and user data, it provides weather information at any latitude and longitude around the world, as well as weather forecast services for the last 40 days. Better interface design, more intimate scene-based services, and faster startup speed will escort your life.

[Global weather query for any latitude and longitude]
Support the global weather information query of any longitude and latitude, regardless of the equatorial South Pole, the weather is known.
[Forecast for the next 25 days]
The weather trend forecast on the 40th, predict the rain and make plans.

[Real-time monitoring of air quality]
Real-time monitoring of air quality, care for health and comprehensive escort.
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Weather Forecast - Weather Live, Accurate Weather APK - v1.1.20

Updated: 2021-02-19

1.1.20 (20)2021-02-19
1.1.18 (18)2021-02-10
1.0.8 (9)2020-12-29
1.0.7 (8)2020-12-24
1.0.5 (6)2020-12-21
1.0.4 (5)2020-12-16