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Be prepared and plan smartly, whatever you do with Weather Assistant by ClimaCell featuring global minute-by-minute and street-by-street hyper accurate and local forecast.

ClimaCell’s unique forecasts are in use by industries, from aviation to on-demand players, who can’t afford to make a bad call based on weather. You shouldn’t have to either.

What people are saying ?

The Washington Post - “Alerting you when it’s about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world.”

Mashable - “Bad weather is one thing technology won't let us escape, no matter how hard we try. The new ClimaCell app will at least help you be prepared.”

Fortune Magazine - "The new app gives forecasts for precise areas, as small as a city block"

ClimaCell’s MicroWeather - based on data from the connected world, traditional data sources, and new, cutting-edge modeling - is hyper accurate, specific and relevant to your life.

• By-the-minute, by-the-street forecasts up to three hours ahead
• High resolution: weather analysis at 500 meters resolution
• Refresh: updated forecast every minute
• Stay safe with severe weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. 


Upgrade to ClimaCell Premium for a first-class experience:

• 3 hours of minute by minute rain, snow, sleet or any precipitation forecast
• Smart and precise real time live alerts.
• Current Condition maps of temperature, precipitation, air quality, humidity, wind and more.

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• If you have any questions or suggestions about our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at
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Weather Assistant by ClimaCell APK - v1.16.1

Updated: 2021-03-16

What's new

We’re always trying to improve your experience, Update to the latest version to make the most of Climacell:
- Nowcast™ infused in activity timeline: Nowcast’s minute-by-minute forecast will help you to plan your activity better.
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