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Author's NotesWeather application with news, rain, storm and weather radar


Discover the Number 1 application in Weather Forecast 🌞🌩de 7 to 14 days, with real time radar of rains and storms, storm warnings, weather report of rains and levels, water temperatures and a long etcetera. If you want to know the best last minute weather information, this is your application.

Functions and features included

🔷 Weather Widget on the home page.
🔷 Weather report from 7 to 14 days in all cities of the world.
🔷 Possibility to know the water temperature.
🔷 Real time radar with rain and storms.
🔷 Multi-language support, the app is translated to English and Spanish.
🔷 Requires Internet connection via 3G / 4G LTE or WiFi.
🔷 Lightweight size so it can be downloaded from anywhere.
🔷 Careful and easy to use interface.

Alerts by temporary and time in 7 and 14 days

Thanks to our notification system, you will be able to customize your alerts to receive an instant notification on your phone or tablet of the rainfall that will take place in a specific city, province or country. In addition, you will be able to know the temperature and weather expected in the location you want, on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis.

❄Parte snow and 🌊 water temperature

Another feature of our application is the complete snow and water temperature report of your location. In this way, you can organize a trip to a wonderful place where it is snowing in order to practice sports such as skiing. Also, if you are interested in knowing the water temperature for snorkeling or deep-sea diving, fishing, etc... You will also be able to know thanks to our section of temperature reports.

🌍 Real Time Radar Function

Without a doubt, the main attraction of our comprehensive weather application is its rain and sleet radar. Thanks to this weather radar you will be able to see in which areas of the globe hail, snow or rain will fall, updated in real time and with only 1 minute delay. Isn't it great?

From this function you can also see the rainfall that will arrive in a certain territory, country or city in the next hours or days, so you can anticipate and protect yourself if a storm arrives in your city.

⚠️ Improvements and Feedback

We want to be the best weather application in the Android store, so we listen to your suggestions and ideas to improve the app. You can send us your feedback through the email address provided below.
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Weather and Radar: 14 Day Rain Alarm APK - v1.2.1

Updated: 2020-09-16

1.2.1 (11)2020-09-16