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Author's NotesVR Pandora Survive Space Racing & Journey through Galaxies to discover planet PandoraThis VR game (vr games without controller support)...




VR Pandora Survive Space Racing & Journey through Galaxies to discover planet Pandora

This VR game (vr games without controller support) tell a story about human travel through cosmos. In 22nd century, when the Earth was drought, all natural resource is exhausted, human have to seek and exploit energy from many planets in Galaxies. One day, they found Pandora - a mysterious land in fairy tale. On this planet, human found unobtanium - a rare universe metal which could against gravity and also provide energy.
On Pandora planet, there is a dangerous area with complex gravity, cause of unobtanium mineral. But this secret zone contain many energy spheres which provide energy for spaceship to travel.
And the game story begin then!

Mother Spaceship stands on planet Pandora's orbit. It has not enough energy to come back to the Earth. So, a jet team were assigned to go on Pandora's danger zone to collect energy - which stored in power glowing spheres. And that's your mission. Your plane even don't have enough petrol to come back to base, and if you can not find any while energy ball there, you failed - that's why we call it "Pandora Survive". Survival portion is Energy, and your mission is more difficult than you think. A special kind of energy is stored in golden energy ball. That's exactly the achievement you need to find, because with that type of energy - could be saved for long time - you and other people in Mother Spaceship could have enough energy to come back to the Earth. A survival mission, could you done it ?

Unlike other VR racing games, this virtual reality game let users to travel/control a plane/spaceship in 4 directions: up, down, right, left. Control method is pretty simple (like our game: VR X-Racer or VR Tunnel Race), you just need to tilt your phone up, down, right, left to control it. No need to use any assisted buttons or vr gears like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive... Easy control could help you to play this vr game with a rude vr glasses like Google Cardboard or even handmade vr glasses. VR Pandora Survive, therefore, is very different from the other vr games. And especially, this (kind of) vr racing game is the first one has long and deep content. In other vr games, you just can stay on a seat (board/boat/car) with fixed line to move. In some vr games, you even can not interact with any objects in virtual reality game space. So, this vr game Pandora Survive is definitely distinctive in compare with other vr apps.

This game is also a flight simulator vr app that let user to fly in 3D space with complex gravity like a plane on Earth. And, to support users, VR Pandora Survive still has virtual reality mode and normal mode. You can play and enjoy this vr rpg game in both modes. Beside that, there are two game types: campaign & endless in VR Pandora Survive. The endless mode could bring you different experience to fly with a plane, in a special terrain in Pandora (this mode can also play with virtual reality mode). But, you need to upgrade pro version to play endless mode. The vr game is free, but we can not open all its functions. I hope you understand!

I've tell you about the story of survival squad in strange planet to find energy, to survive. And beneath VR Pandora Survive is a big story of wars between stars, when craft squadron fight each other. We're making some new vr games with that story, and please wait till the force awakens in Pandora, or somewhere else in galaxy. Who will we fight with ? Who will be the guards of galaxy ? Wait till January, "Way back to the Earth" is coming soon!

Enjoy VR Pandora Survive, review it to let us know what you think and how can we do better. Thank you!

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VR Pandora Survive Space Race APK - v1.2

Updated: 2017-05-26

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