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Author's NotesVokabel is a tool to help you learn your homework in a fun and efficient way.


Vokabel will help you to learn your homework in a fun and efficient way. It's a perfect tool to learn foreign languages. Enter the things you want to learn, and then run one of the following quizzes:

* Standard - Enter the answer with the keyboard.
* Flashcard - You read the question, and answer to yourself.
* Flashcard (3D) - Real flashcards in 3D.
* Anagram - The letters in the answer is in random order.
* Capture the word - Pick the answer among other alternatives.
* Multiple choice - Pick one of four.
* Listen and learn - Learn by listening on questions and answers while you are taking a walk.

Vokabel will remember things you are good at and will focus on things you haven't learned yet.

You could listen to the words you are studying, with the text-to-speech support.

You may create new word lists within the app - or anywhere you like. Vokabel is also available for Windows and you can very easily create lists on your computer and transfer them to your phone or tablet. You could even create lists in a simple text editor. Write a word in your language in the first line and the word you want to learn in the second line. Repeat this for the next words on line three and four etc. You can also add synonyms on the same line divided by an asterisk "*".

You could transfer lists with e-mail or USB (look after the folder "Vokabel" on your device).

Vokabel is completely free and doesn't contain any ads.
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Vokabel APK - v1.35

Updated: 2020-03-19

What's new

The user interface was updated to work better in newer Android versions.
The new quiz "Listen and learn" was added.
Improved support for Hebrew and Arabic.
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