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Size9.10 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesDial your phone without touching it! Make calls hands-free with only your voice!


This hands-free voice dial app is fast, accurate and easy to use - with all of these great features:

- TrulyHandsfree(tm) always-listening trigger hears your voice and quickly places the call
- Completely hands-free and eyes-free calling
- Safe driving: activates app hands-free when your car is in motion
- Recognizes anyone's voice; no training required
- Fast on-device voice recognition: no cloud connection required
- Handles large contact sets with flexible names format
- Support for digit dialing

Whether driving a car or wearing gloves, sometimes it can be difficult or even dangerous to dial your phone. With VoiceDial installed, your voice is all you need to make phone calls.

The TrulyHandfree(tm) voice dialer is fast, accurate and simple to use. All you have to do is say the trigger phrase along with the name of a contact or phone number and VoiceDial does the rest. While other voice dialing apps run in the cloud or require tedious training to recognize your voice, VoiceDial’s always-listening speech recognition engine runs 100% on your phone and will recognize any voice immediately - no training needed! In addition, VoiceDial allows you to customize the apps behavior just the way you want it. You can control how sensitive the app is to trigger, the balance of accuracy vs. speed and how long to wait before dialing.

Install VoiceDial right now and you’ll be calling hands-free in no time! It's 100% free with no annoying ads!

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VoiceDial – dial by voice APK - v1.18

Updated: 2016-01-11

What's new

Initial public release.
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