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Author's NotesVoice Changer Male To Female Ultra Funny Voice Recorder & Audio Effects Editor.


Voice changer audio effects offline is one of the best voice editing applications available today to bring you new experiences with your own voice sound.

You can use the voice changing application for a variety of purposes such as entertaining and teasing your friends, changing the sound of the song to make it sound funnier, voice changer girl to boy, voice changer boy to girl, voice changer man to woman, voice changer celebrities, recording and adjusting the pitch...
Our voice changer with effects has a lot of features and special sound effects to help you not only to record high quality recordings but also to apply sound effects to make the recording more engaging and special.

Recording Function:
Recording directly on the application with high sound quality up to 320kbps, no need to use external recording software to create audio files to edit
Edit the reverb and pitch of the voice sound in the audio file, help you customize professional sound, create resonance with bass booster, recorded sound booster, recorded sound changer
Voice changer ultra funny free recorder allows to use audio files from the memory of your phone and external memory card, helping you get audio files, songs and apply sound effects, unleash your creativity with special effects
Easy audio file manager with friendly interface, easy to use. Each file is divided into categories, albums very easy to find

Voice changer female to male, voice changer girl to boy and vice versa

Whether you are male or female, you want to know how your voice is in different gender, just apply the sound effects in our app, you will be surprised at the result. Use our voice changer to sound like a girl and vice versa!

Edit voice with baby voice

Convert a voice or sound to a baby's voice, you will find more fun and humorous with a normal audio file. Try editing a song to a baby's voice and practice singing it!

Turn voice into scary voice

Have you ever wondered how scary sound effects in horror movies are made, give it a try to our voice changer audio effects offline to create sound that sounds like it was in a closed room, people whispering and creepy background sounds. Then share it with your friends to see if they recognize it as your voice!

Edit sound with voices of cartoon characters

Applying the effects of famous cartoon characters like Donald duck, humming bees or mouse squirrels will make your sound much more adorable. Try turning a song into a chipmunk voice, and you'll recall feeling like watching a chipmunk movie and listening to the squirrels singing.

Not only that, our voice changer audio effects offline also has effects such as robots, aliens, background sound effects such as rain, cars, sounds that make white noise, or sound effects that sound like they're inside a cave. Now you can freely create your own sound file with different effects, then share it with your friends to create videos with new and special sounds.

What are you waiting for without downloading and installing immediately our voice changer audio effects offline, you will be very surprised with your creativity! Remember to share with friends to use and experience the fun of the voice changer ultra funny free recorder application offline!

VIP members
We currently have a 3-day trial program to experience the basic features of the application. After 3 days you can register to become a VIP member to experience all the special sound effects, updated monthly, and contain no ads. You can also cancel the VIP membership policy at any time in accordance with Google's refund policy.

Please rate 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and comment us with the comments below, all of your comments are a great motivation for us to grow and bring more great applications to our users.
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Voice Changer Boy To Girl & Audio Effects Recorder APK - v1.0.6

Updated: 2020-08-13

What's new

🎉 Record Voice With High Quality (320kbps)
🎁 20+ Funny Sound Effects
🏀 Change Voice To Kid‘s Voice
🔥 Voice Changer With Scary Voice
👏 Easily Manage Files, Share With Friends
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