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Author's NotesThe new Vlinder Dolls, boy version , more choices of new clothes and accessories!


Vlinder Boy is online now! If you like Vlinder Doll, but always want to have more choices of boy dressing, then you will find it here, customize your favorite character, share your work with your friends and get attention.

If you like doll dress up, costume matching and avatar making, you must check out here!Choose your favorite hairstyles and facial features for your character, and match them with a set of trendy costumes.The characters you create can be of different skin tones, different personalities and different styles.Style can be sweet, mature, tender, fiery~Share your work on facebook, ins, YouTube, Twitter and other social media to get more praise~

Create a boy version of the image, you can simulate an idol boy group, and make your doll dress up as the idol image you want. This is a cute game, you can play the game in your spare time. You will fall in love with exquisite matching patterns and fashionable and fashionable clothes! Make your own Q version boy doll and show it to your friends.


#Character Dress Up and Avatar Making#

Can create cute boy and girl characters

You can match the Q version of your favorite idol

You can take photos of your character under various decorations

More than 2000+ dressing items to choose from~

All game content is 100% free! ! ! ! ! ! ~

A variety of skin colors, rich facial features

Provide a variety of gorgeous costumes and accessories, as well as costumes with animation effects! ! !

Multi-level background dress up, decoration and bubble text dress up your beautiful girl

Add a lot of material from time to time

#Emoji and sticker maker#

You can make your own character animations into emoticons and use them in Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other chat software. You can also print the image you create into photos and stickers.

#Get more followers#

Use other features in the game to create more wonderful photos and videos. Share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media, you can increase your likes and support, and get more followers.
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Vlinder Boy APK - v1.2.2

Updated: 2020-12-21

What's new

The new Vlinder Dolls,boy version , more choices of new clothes and accessories!
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1.2.2 (122)2020-12-21
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