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OS RequireAndroid 2.1 - Eclair
Author's NotesUse Bluetooth/WiFi to control any hobby or professional project


Virtual Terminal let you use WiFi and Bluetooth to interact with a microcontroller or Arduino wirelessly, you can use it with other Apps or PC software that enable a conection.
This app was developed thinking in hobby and/or professional embedded projects, searching a flexible graphical user interface, letting you control and debug your work as fast and comfortable as possible.
Instructions available at first run and from the app menu.
Virtual Terminal include next configurable features:
• Send String as Bytes (ASCII)
• Send Integer as Byte (0 to 255 Integer, Binary input or Hexadecimal input)
• Advanced Sending options:
- Send 16bit Integer as 2 Bytes (0 to 65535)
- Send signed 32bit Integer as 4 Bytes
- Send signed 64bit Integer as 8 Bytes
- Send signed Float number as 4 Bytes (32bit)
- Send signed Double number as 8 Bytes (64bit)
• Auto Scroll on receive section (RX)
• Receive and show Bytes as Characters (ASCII), Integers (byte value) or Both at the same time with the 'Dual' option
• Receive and show constantly changing information and see it been updated in real time with the 'Package reception' option (Requires a package end byte = 10 ("\n" character))
- New data will overlap actual data, allowing to show the information in screen without scrolling
- '#Act' Input let you accumulate and see more than one received package at a time (empty means 1)
• Advanced Receiving options just like the sending options: (Need a start byte = 13 and an end byte = 10 to recognize the Data bytes)
- Receive 16, 32 or 64bit Integer as Bytes and show it's real value on screen
- Receive signed Float or Double numbers as Bytes and show it's real value on screen
• Update Mode can be mixed with the Advanced Reception options if required
• FastSend Mode:
- Enable a group of configurable FastSend buttons (5 to 8 depending of screen size)
- Long click to save data from TX input (doing it with an empty input will erase existing data)
- Single click to send saved data
- FastSend buttons will show value and type of saved data (Text, Binary, Float, etc.)
• Xtring Mode:
- Save an organized group of various types of data to send it as a package
- Select and write the data items you want to include in the package
- Edit the package data at any time and define constant items to avoid replacing precious information
- Send the entire package with a single button and go back to the principal screen automatically
• Theme selector, enabling a 'Dark' theme to protect your eyes (Now enabled by default)
• WiFi mode can be used when device working as HotSpot

- Bluetooth: Pair device you wish to work with (Android Bluetooth settings) before use.
- WiFi: Must know IP and Port information of device before using it.

Support Us installing the Virtual Terminal PROkey app, you will obtain a scrollable 16 button FastSend Mode and the possibility to use Virtual Terminal as server in WiFi and Bluetooth working modes:

Vagos CORP - Seeking comfort through technology.
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Virtual Terminal APK - v1.2.20

Updated: 2019-12-17

What's new

- Fixed bug with Append CR+LF when the send button is pressed too fast
- Add FastSend mode support for Append CR+LF checkbox active
- Fixed problem for displaying the device IP address on WiFi Server Mode*
- Added support for 64 bit integers and Double numbers for send and receive
- Additional Commander Buttons and Xtring Items*
- Support for Android Q (API29) added
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