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Author's NotesThe world is your stage.


Shoot your video and tour the world – from the comfort of your home

If you’ve always wanted to headline a famous music festival, or take your music around the world, then grab your smartphone and get creative. Roland’s Virtual Stage Camera is a free Android app that lets you remove the background from your own performance video and replace it with movie footage or stills from your smartphone in real-time. You can also instantly create videos with blue/greenscreen backgrounds, for use in video editing apps that can handle superimposing. The Virtual Stage Camera app is a great way to make fun, attractive videos, especially when used alongside the Roland GO:MIXER PRO audio mixer for smartphones.

Virtual Stage Camera is a free download from the Google Play Store, and can produce videos up to 30 seconds in length. Produce longer videos by upgrading to the full version via a small in-app purchase, or by connecting a Roland GO:MIXER or GO:MIXER PRO.

• Replace the background from your videos with content from your smartphone, while shooting in real-time
• Produce blue/greenscreen videos instantly, ready for transfer to advanced video editing environment.
• Free version produces videos up to 30 seconds long
• Small in-app purchase required for full functionality, including production of longer videos
• Full functionality also accessible when connected to GO:MIXER or GO:MIXER PRO

The world (and beyond) is your stage

If you’re shooting a video on your smartphone, you can replace the background with your favorite movie or image. Just select your preferred movie or image from your smartphone, and then let the app recognize the ‘real life’ current background (your bedroom wall, for example). Once you start recording your performance in real-time, your chosen ‘new’ background movie or image will appear behind you – so you could be fronting your favorite band, touring the world, or even playing on the moon.

Instantly produce blue or green screen background video

The Virtual Stage Camera app allows you to produce blue and green screen video instantly, which lets you replace the original background with a new, more exciting one while shooting in real-time. Once the blue/green screen is added, transfer the file to any editing software with superimposing capability, and take your production to the next level.

- Please do not move smartphone or tablet while shooting to keep backgrounds replacing.
- Recommend to set smartphone or tablet on stand to keep backgrounds replacing
- If flickering on screen, try to set frame rates smaller from setting.
- Please connect GO:MIXER or GO:MIXER PRO with smartphone before launch this app.
Please refer to compatibility of GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO with smartphone from the link.
Depending on specification of smartphone, Virtual Stage Camera may not replace backdrop fine enough.
■ Compatibility (Android)
We have confirmed that on SAMSUNG Galaxy series models that match the following conditions, Virtual Stage Camera fails to record audio correctly..
Model : SAMSUNG Galaxy
OS : Android 8
CPU : Exynos
Virtual Stage Camera may not replace backdrop as its specification with smartphones below;
- Samsung Galaxy S8
- Huawei Nova 3
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Virtual Stage Camera APK - v1.1.0(8)

Updated: 2019-04-03

What's new

Added sensitivity slider. You can now adjust the sensitivity of the composition.
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