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Virta is a mobile service for charging your electric vehicle. Charge faster, easier & smarter.

With Virta’s EV charging mobile service, you can view and adjust the charging event remotely. Charge with a same account at all Virta’s charging points – at home, work and on the move. Just plug in your car - we’ll do the rest.

– View a real-time map of the state of charging points (Available – Charging – Out of order)
– Reserve a charging point in advance
– Navigate to the location
– Start and stop charging
– Monitor charging power remotely

In addition to our charging network, users can charge with Virta account all over Europe through our roaming partners! Our 24/7 help desk is available in several languages – and counting.

To charge with Virta app, you have to be a registered user. Register at
The service is prepaid and bills you automatically based on prices at each charging station. During registration, you will pay €30 to be added your account.

Instructions for charging:
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Virta APK - v2.5.5.3

Updated: 2021-02-23

What's new

In this update:

- Based on user feedback, we are providing a customer service chatbot (beta) to answer the questions you may have while using our services
- We have added the possibility to pay overdue payments in the app for the users who are charged monthly from their credit card
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes as well as adjustments based on your feedback
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