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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesSecure Video and web meetings for free with Screen sharing and more


TeamLink is one of the world most advanced solutions for video and web conference that enables anyone to work together with teams and partners from anywhere at any time. TeamLink is better than Zoom for free, with no time limit and up to 300 participants.

TeamLink supports Windows, Mac and iOS as well. Please download from our website(

- The world's most advanced real-time video technology
- Ultra-low latency and crystal clear video and audio.
- Designed for Mobile and unreliable IP networks with high packet loss resiliency.
- Cross-platform support.
- Ultra high-definition screen sharing and real-time interactions to get work done effectively.
- Global coverage, connect with anyone, from anywhere at anytime.
- Strong encryption algorithms specified by the WebRTC standard.
- Large Scale meetings (Up to 300 participants).
- Meeting Recording and Playback.
- Free download and free to use.
- Easy to use.

You are just a couple of clicks away to start your meeting.
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Video Conference - TeamLink APK - v1.3.15.353

Updated: 2021-02-11

What's new

1. Raise hand
2. Private chat
3. Security features: meeting lock and waiting room
4. Note: The earlier versions of TeamLink without security features will be phased out soon. Please update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.
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