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Author's NotesThis app helps you find the correct anti-vibration mount for your application.


Vibration Isolator Pro helps you to easily find the correct anti-vibration mounting for your application. Thanks to the built-in accelerometers of your mobile, Vibration Isolator Pro measures the vibration that your machine produces and determines the most suitable antivibration mount according to the degree of vibration isolation that you require.

The antivibration mounts included on Vibration Isolator Pro are manufactured by AMC-MECANOCAUCHO™. With this app you can choose to make vibration calculations using exclusively failsafe anti-vibration mountings. This feature allows you to select mounts specifically for mobile applications.

The program, which delivers the information straight to your Smartphone or Tablet, is fast simple and easy to use. It is often used to solve problems for generator sets, marine engines, compressors, fans, ventilators, radiators, HVAC, engines, electrical cabinets or transformers.

This app allows you to measure the predominant vibration frequencies that your machine produces. The software of Vibration isolator Pro, allows you to select the vibration frequency where you want to focus and indicate the vibration % that you want to isolate. If you need an engine mount, cabin mount, generator mount, marine mount, or any kind of vibration isolator this is your app.

AMC-MECANOCAUCHO™ application engineers are the developers of this APP. If you need further assistance, our team of vibration isolation application engineers are at your service.


FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: The interface is very simple to use.
FAST: With only several clicks you can find the antivibration mounting that you require.
SECURE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give your data to third parties.
100% FREE & NO ADS: Vibration isolator Pro is free and will always be free. We are not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees.
RELIABLE: Built to deliver you antivibration solutions in the minimum bytes possible, Vibration isolator Pro is the most reliable Vibration isolation app ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.
SUPPORT: For real-time support, send us a message directly to our support staff. You can also email us at
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Vibration Isolator Pro APK - v2.1.6

Updated: 2020-07-28

What's new

Possibility of making measurements without internet connection. The measurement report will be sent to email when a network connection is available.
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