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Author's NotesVerizon My Numbers. Multiple phone numbers. One phone.


Verizon My Numbers lets you use multiple phone numbers without the hassle of carrying around multiple phones. Once you set up the app, you’ll be able to:

Manage multiple phone numbers from one device. Add up to four numbers to your phone with unlimited calling and texting, for $15/mo per number.

Call and text from any of your phone numbers on just one phone.

Organize your business and personal life with separate text and voicemail inboxes for each number.

Identify which number is receiving a call or text by customizing the name, icon, notification tones and ringtones. .

View all of your messages, voicemails and calls in one place, sorted by number.

Keep your business and personal life separate with different numbers, all on a single phone with Verizon’s My Numbers App.

*Requires a Verizon phone number that is eligible for charging directly to an account. You can view the subscription on your monthly Verizon bill. You can manage your subscription(s) via the application.
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Verizon My Numbers APK - v2.13

Updated: 2021-02-22

2.13 (103)2021-02-22
2.11 (101)2020-12-17
2.10.1 (99)2020-12-12
2.10 (97)2020-11-14
2.9.1 (95)2020-10-19
2.6.5 (85)2020-08-01
2.6.4 (83)2020-05-23
2.6.2 (79)2020-04-14
2.4 (75)2019-12-13
1.2.2 (73)2019-10-08
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