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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesSafeguard your precious content, even if your device is lost, stolen or damaged


Cloud storage for your mobile devices. Easy to backup, search and share.

Sign up today for 500 GB or 2 TB of storage and your first 30 days are on us.

• BACK UP your photos, videos, contacts and more to a secure cloud storage
• SYNC & ACCESS across devices – Backup, sync and access your content when you need it, from your smartphone, tablet or computer
• PRIVATE FOLDER with PIN-protection for your sensitive content
• ORDER PHOTO PRINTS & GIFTS using your favorite photos in app
• CREATE MOVIES AND CUSTOMIZE PHOTOS Make masterpieces with music, filters and fun stickers to share
• FLASHBACKS – Relive your memories from past years with weekly photo flashbacks
• CAST TO YOUR TV – Share your pictures, videos and music with family and friends on the big screen
• SHARE select media content from your Cloud using your favorite native apps
What's New in Version 20.8
• Enhanced Shared Folder to prevent duplicate pictures from being stored
• Enhanced Verizon Cloud to prevent duplicate content that may already reside within Shared Folder
• Added the ability to sort content within Private Folder
• Backend updates, bug fixes and performance improvements

Get started with Verizon Cloud today to securely back up, access & share photos, videos, contacts & more!

The Verizon Cloud app can be downloaded and used on any smartphone or tablet running Android software. Go to for the complete list.
New Verizon subscribers: Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your Android Smartphone for a 30-day premium trial of 500GB or 2TB of storage. You will automatically be billed $5/month or $12.99/month, respectively, once the trial ends. You can opt out of the trial through the Verizon Cloud app at any time during the 30-day period and enjoy free 'Contacts Only' support.

* Data charges apply.
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Verizon Cloud APK - v21.1.11

Updated: 2021-02-04

What's new

What's New in Version 20.9
Simplified and streamlined photo book creation
Beta Labs has a new feature that enables enhancing photos and videos with fun stickers, filters and more.
Backend updates, bug fixes and performance improvements
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21.1.11 (2021011100)2021-02-04
20.12.18 (2020121800)2020-12-16
20.11.6 (2020110600)2020-11-12
20.10.8 (2020100800)2020-10-31
20.10.7 (2020100700)2020-10-07
20.9.10 (2020091000)2020-09-21
20.8.8 (2020080800)2020-08-22
20.7.12 (2020071200)2020-07-24
20.6.11 (2020061100)2020-07-10
20.5.8 (2020050800)2020-06-01
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