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Author's NotesVeGo where you can simply request a ride with your fare.


Welcome to VeGo, where you can simply request a ride with your fare, then nearby drivers will be happy to help you get there reliably.

How to use it, it's very simple:
1. Download VeGo app
2. Create your own account
3. Request a trip by choosing the pickup and drop off locations, ALSO enter your fare that you see it's reasonable
4. Wait for a driver, for sure you will be notified once a driver accepts your trip.
5. Have a safe trip

You always can be the driver, by:
1. Switching your mode into driver
2. Completing your profile with the required documents
3. Upload the car information and wait for the approval.
4. That's all and enjoy the new source of money.
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VeGo Ride APK - v1.2.7

Updated: 2020-10-24

1.2.7 (27)2020-10-24
1.2.6 (26)2020-10-22
1.2.5 (25)2020-10-20
1.2.4 (24)2020-10-15
1.1.5 (15)2020-09-30
1.1.3 (13)2020-09-22
1.1.2 (12)2020-09-15
1.1.1 (11)2020-09-13
1.1.0 (10)2020-09-12
1.0.9 (9)2020-09-11
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