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Author's NotesWith V5 Character Sheet manage your characters for vampire the masquerade V5


with "V5 Character Sheet" manage all the characters you have in your "vampire the masquerade" sessions.

"V5 Character Sheet" works under the fifth edition of "vampire the masquerade".

"V5 Character Sheet" both as a player and as a storyteller, allows you to instantly access different character sheets that you have previously prepared for your session.

- "Tab kindred": manages the changing information such as health, willpower, hunger and other states.
- "Tab Attributes": refers to physical, social and mental attributes.
- "Tab Skills": refers to the skills, also physical, social and mental that your vampire possesses.
- "Tab Other": in this update you will find only the disciplines.
- "Tab Merit": in this update you will find only the Advantages and flaws.
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V5 Character Sheet APK - v1.8.6

Updated: 2020-02-10

What's new

- Discipline points are automatically calculated based on the amount of skills of the same discipline.
- Fixed a bug that cut the list of advantages and disadvantages
- The way of displaying the spinner is changed when creating or editing advantages or disadvantages
- Lower margin is corrected in the list of advantages and disadvantages
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