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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesBe a spider robot hero and rescue city in muscle car robot transformation game.


Bored of the same old spider games? This is your ticket to a brand new flavor of super hero games with a package of mech warriors.

The peaceful city has been captured by evil robots who plan to eliminate mankind from the face of earth but they are not aware of an alliance where a robot spider hero has taken oath to protect and serve humanity by destroying the evil robots and saving the planet earth.

Your mission as multi transform robot hero is to use your special powers and take down enemy strongholds, making them weaker in the most vulnerable areas first and completely knocking them out to space.

Game features:
- Transform into a robot spider or a muscle car robot
- Use special powers to eliminate robots
- Gather health packs and shields in order to survive
- High definition graphics and animations
- High end mechatronics in the palm of your hands
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Spider Robot Car Transform Action Games APK - v9.0.9

Updated: 2021-02-28

9.0.9 (909)2021-02-28
9.0.8 (908)2021-02-04
9.0.7 (907)2021-01-26
9.0.6 (906)2021-01-09
9.0.5 (905)2021-01-01
9.0.4 (904)2020-12-21
9.0.3 (903)2020-12-19
9.0.2 (902)2020-11-28
9.0.1 (9)2020-09-07
8.0.1 (8)2020-07-30
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