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Author's NotesBe top police robot dog in police dog games to end crime in city rescue mission.


US Police have created a new force, one robot cop who can end crime in the peaceful city of new york. Play as robot dog in this game of crime and make your city safe again. Your duty is to ensure that all gangster and mafia elements are removed once and for all from your neighborhood.

Your missions will cover all important city locations such as subway stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and the streets of crime city where you will be handling bomb threats, hostage situations and hijack.

Game Features:
- Many missions to play
- Be a mech warrior as a robot dog
- Help US Police to eliminate crime from the city
- Become a local super hero robot dog
- Make the NYPD proud of your acheivements
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Robot Dog Simulator Subway Dog Police Dog Games APK - v4.4.0

Updated: 2021-02-20

4.4.0 (440)2021-02-20
4.3.0 (430)2020-12-24
4.1.0 (410)2020-12-12
4.0.0 (400)2020-11-30
3.0.0 (300)2020-11-27
2.0.2 (202)2020-10-05
2.0.1 (201)2020-08-31
1.0.5 (5)2019-08-05
1.0.4 (4)2018-05-28
1.0.3 (3)2018-05-18
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