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Author's NotesWrangle as many UnMonsters as you can handle, as quickly as you can!


St. Joseph's Children’s Hospital has a case of the UnMonsters! Help the hospital clear out as many UnMonsters as you can handle, as quickly as you can. The UnMonsters come in waves, each one harder than the last. How many UnMonsters can you wrangle? This is a true test of your reflexes and quick decision-making abilities!

Wrangle ‘em up!  Use your finger to lasso UnMonsters of the same color. Be careful though - if you lasso two different UnMonsters, you'll cause them to scatter. You can also use your finger to flick individual UnMonsters out of the way.

Power Ups: Collect unique power ups throughout the game to help you clear out even more UnMonsters. 
Leaderboard: Track your high scores and compare with your friends and family.
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UnMonsters APK - v1.4

Updated: 2017-08-21

What's new

Our children's hospital has a playroom for our young patients.
…but they can't get in. The handle has green slime all over it. We’re no police detectives, but it seems like the UnMonsters took that room over too. We bet you can help our patients get it back!
We also have a Surgery!
You must scrub very well before you can enter, because this is where our doctors perform surgeries. It looks like the UnMonsters may have contaminated it. No surgeries until we get all the UnMonsters out!
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