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Author's NotesFull control of your timesheets at all times, online and offline


NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Unit4 Business World server software installed and configured.
Unit4 Timesheets is a powerful and easy to use app that allows you to keep track of the timing you spend in multiple projects simultaneously. It lets you enter time manually or clock in at the beginning of your day and clock out when you leave from a single screen and when finished, add a consolidated time entry to each project.
All the features it provides together with its clean and simple-to-use interface. Unit4 Timesheets is a very handy app for people who spread their time among many projects throughout the day.
Use the Timesheets app to:

- Add, edit or delete your timesheet entries online or offline
- Copy entries from last period
- Distribute remaining hours according to work schedule
- Enter hours for yesterday or today straightaway from the home screen
- Enter hours for future periods
- Record time spent - e.g. meetings and transfer it to your time sheet
- Set up a local timesheet reminder
- A recently used combination of project, work order, activity etc. from a list can be selected

Special features:

- Tap and hold on code combinations to see more information
- Slide right to use magic wand for row in code view entry mode
- Slide left to set 0 hours in code view entry mode
- Go landscape for view familiar in UBW Web and Smart Client

We would love to hear any feedback. Please email any questions, ideas, or words of encouragement to support us. We’re here to help.
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Unit4 Timesheets APK - v3.9.3

Updated: 2020-10-05

What's new

- It's possible to enter 24 or more hours per day
- Invoiceable hours calculation fixed
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3.9.3 (61)2020-10-05
3.9.2 (58)2020-05-23
3.9.1 (56)2020-01-28
3.9 (53)2019-10-27
3.8 (48)2019-06-04
3.7.1 (46)2019-04-18
3.5 (35)2017-12-17
3.4.1 (33)2017-11-18
3.3 (32)2017-08-02
3.2 (27)2017-06-14
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