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Author's NotesUK Lotto & Raffle Checker, automatically checks your stored numbers.


If you play the same numbers on the UK Lottery each week this app will check them for you.

And even if you don't, it allows you to save your lottery ticket numbers and instantly see how much you've won just by touching the ticket.

It allows you to store as many tickets as you like.

No need to plough through screens selecting which Lottery you're playing - this app opens with your list of UK Lotto ticket numbers and shows how many have matched alongside each ticket.

Touch the ticket to find out how much you've won (if anything).

Touch the bar displaying the winning numbers to see the prize breakdown.

It also checks your Lotto Raffle numbers.

Skip back through previous weeks to see which draws would have produced a winner.

If you prefer, you now have the option to just see Saturday's draw numbers or just Wednesday's.
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UK Lotto Checker APK - v39

Updated: 2019-12-04

What's new

Format of results data changed
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