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Size50.81 MB
OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesWireless bluetooth speakers to take your music where no other system can go.


The BOOM & MEGABOOM app by Ultimate Ears has everything you need to get the most out of your Ultimate Ears speaker. From #PartyUp to customizable EQ, unlock even more awesome ways to use your BOOM, MEGABOOM and HYPERBOOM speakers.

+ Supports Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM.

+ #PartyUp lets you connect up to 150 speakers to take your parties to a whole new level - wherever, whenever, whatever!

+ You Control the Sound: All about that bass? In a tight space? You control the atmosphere with our custom EQ settings.

+ Remote On/Off: you’d never walk all the way to your TV to turn it on and you shouldn’t have to with your wireless speaker either. Use the app to turn your speaker on/off from afar.

+ Block Party: DJ with multiple friends using Block Party.

+ Much more: personalize your speaker’s name, EQ preferences, and preset playlists (BOOM 3 and MEGABOOM 3 only)

+ Subscribe to updates so you never miss a thing. A simple tap in the app updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.
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BOOM & MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears APK - v7.5.1.270

Updated: 2020-05-12

What's new

Bug fixes and enhancements
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