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Author's NotesWelcome to the official Tony Evans Sermons app.


Welcome to the official Tony Evans Sermons app.

Listen or view a variety of sermons on relevant topics that interest you. After you have benefited from the content, share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

TUA is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to transforming individuals, families, churches and communities through the sound teaching of the word of God.

For more information about TUA or Tony Evans, please visit:

The Tony Evans Sermons App was created with The Church App by Subsplash.
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Tony Evans Sermons APK - v5.10.1

Updated: 2021-01-15

What's new

New in Messaging (if enabled):
- You can send files to one another
- You can mention someone using an @ symbol to notify them directly.
- Channel managers can restrict channel invites to managers
- Managers can also set artwork and descriptions for a group channel
- Administers can set channels to be public for anyone to join

- Media playback now stops when you force close the app
- Fixed a Messaging issue causing link previews to cause the channel to crash
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5.10.1 (1905)2021-01-15
5.6.0 (1865)2020-09-18
5.4.0 (1840)2020-05-04
5.2.0 (1830)2020-02-18
3.12.2 (1735)2019-08-19
3.10.0 (1660)2019-03-27
3.8.0 (1570)2018-08-04
3.7.5 (1565)2018-04-17
3.6.0 (1515)2017-11-21
3.5.0 (1510)2017-09-13
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