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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesThe well – known Truth or Dare Game with some extra features and enhancements.


The well – known Truth or Dare Game with some extra features and enhancements that makes the game more challenging. The app has more than 500 truths questions and 300 dares, we have added features the save the taste of the old-time truth or dare game and give it a more challenging theme.
1- 6 different modes that include different truths and dares.
2- Friends mode, secrets revealing, girl’s night, home mode, hot and spicy, and couple’s mode.
3- Score decreases when a player forfeits a dare or refuses to answer a truth and vice versa.
4- Obligatory dare that appears every three rounds for any player who has a score of 0.
5- You can switch easily between modes without losing score.
6- Truths and dares appear randomly.
7- You will find all the types of truth and dares that are suitable for different occasions.
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Truth or Dare Game APK - v3.0.0

Updated: 2020-11-11

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