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Author's Notes****** Spanish Questions ******Playing is very easy, as easy as playing trivial or a quiz.Also, if you like the wheel...




****** Spanish Questions ******

Playing is very easy, as easy as playing trivial or a quiz.

Also, if you like the wheel of fortune hangman game, here's a game that brings the best of both games.

Show your friends and family know as History, Geography, Film, Science, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Technology, Literature, Sports, Religion, Mathematics, Art, Philosophy, Psychology and more

Compete in a global ranking to see how much you know and becomes the first

More fun than the boring conversations on whatsapp, line or the facebook or twitter when they are empty and uneventful.

Then some questions
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Trivial - Spanish quiz game APK - v14.0

Updated: 2016-01-13

What's new

Versión 14
-Nueva sección de contacto
-Corregidos fallos de inicio de sesión

Versión 13
-Mejoras en la interfaz
-Ya no hay más tiempo de espera con el servidor
-Más preguntas
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