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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesThis is the hardest adventure you'll ever play


The traps are everywhere, you have to memorize the position of each trap and try to overcome. Hehe, it will be very difficult for new players.
Don't get angry... Let's challenge your friends to see how many lives you lose to pass a level.
How to play as follows:
- You control the character to move forward or jump to kill the soldiers. Be careful with the unexpected traps
- You will definitely fail, but don't be discouraged. Then in the end it was enough to finish... ^^
- The gameplay is like a classic game, but instead of just overcoming the challenge, you need to avoid the pitfalls
- The game is extremely brain-damaging, guys
That's all. Have a good time playing the game...And don't forget to rate and comment for me.
Thank you so much!!!
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Trap Adventure Prank APK - v1.0.3

Updated: 2020-12-16

1.0.3 (14)2020-12-16
1.0.2 (10)2020-12-12
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