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OS RequireAndroid 2.2.x - Froyo
Author's NotesThis plugin for Torque Pro allows you to share the OBD2 connection


** Please note this plugin is Beta-test ** - it may not be 100% working for you just yet! - if you find a bug please let me know :-)

This plugin for Torque Pro allows you to share the connection from the OBD2 device with other devices running Torque Pro

For example, you may be running Torque on your Android in-car head unit or tablet - you can use this plugin to share the OBD2 connection and connect torque running on your mobile phone as well

Steps for use:

* Install the plugin on the android device that has the OBD2 adapter connected
* Bluetooth Pair that android device with the other android device that you also want to connect to using Torque
* Start torque on both devices
* (On the remote device) tell torque to connect to your andriod headunit/tablet using bluetooth
* Done! your connection is now shared
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Torque OBD2 Repeater (beta) APK - v1.0.1Beta

Updated: 2016-01-12


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1.0.1Beta (1)2016-01-12