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Author's NotesSearching the Tora for hidden messages.


Ever since the times of Talmud our scholars were searching for hidden messages in the Tora.
Some sources suggest that everyone and everything is written there, all we need to do is to find it.
This app does just that!

Some of the features are:
1. Search for a word using skipping (dilug) method.
2. Information about the search word : Atbash and Albam encoding, gematria and inverse gematria (short and regular).
3. Information about the Hebrew letters : Gematria and their count in the Tora.
4. Information about each Book of the Tora : Amount of Chapters, Portions, Verses, Words, Letters and more!
5. Information about each Portion of the Tora : Amount of Verses, Words, Letters and more!
6. Application is showsing how many commandments (mitzvot) are there in each portion (parasha). And separates between the positive (ase) and the negative (lo taase).

This app can be used for variety of things: From basic statistics and information to deep investigation of the Tora text and potential secrets.

*System requirements:
1. Android 3.0 and up (Lollipop supported)
2. IMPORTANT : The CPU of the device must support the NEON feature. (most of modern devices do)
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What's new

Added a function of searching for separate words rather than mixed result.
While "Whole Word" is selected, results that are a combination of two or more words will be ignored.
To change the setting back and forth please tap on "Step Search" button.

Note: There is a new requirement from Google for permission access.
From this version and up, in order to share screenshots, Torah Codes will have to have storage access permission.

There was a minor bug with the animation button. It was fixed.
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