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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesClean & modern FREE tip calculator with AutomaTip™


Fresh, Modern, Clean Look. A gorgeous design with Dark Mode.
Calculate Tips Efficiently, in the fewest keypresses possible.
Updates As You Type: There is no “calculate” button: everything updates instantly as you type.
Split final amount among 1-15 people.
Remember your previous tip percent.
Round Up: The tip percentage updates in real time when you round up the total or per-person amount.
One-click Share or Copy: send the total to your friends so they can send you their share.

• Many banking apps and credit card apps can send purchase notifications to your phone.
• Tip Calculator can listen for these incoming notifications, and can automatically calculate the tip & total and display as a notification.
• Zero typing required! To adjust amounts, open the notification.
• Basic Tip Calculator features will always be Forever Free with No Ads.

• Notification text is only used to calculate the tip, and is not shared with any entity for any reason.
• Notification text is not even stored on your device anywhere!
• This is an Optional Premium Feature: requires in-app purchase and is disabled by default (You can choose to enable it though Settings if you like it, or leave it disabled.)
• To use this feature, Android requires you to grant special system permissions.
• To understand which apps are considered more relevant than others for tip notifications, this app needs to log the source app (no personal information, no text, no currencies) in aggregate form. E.g. only show notifications from bank apps, but not when a friend texts you a message with a currency in it.

• Our full privacy policy is always available at
• We make money directly from you when you buy the app, not through money-making features such as ads or tracking.
• As a California company, we respect your privacy, don't show any ads, don't track anything about you, and don't sell your personal info.
• This app does not require you to sign up or login, it always runs in incognito mode.

• No ads
• No time-limited trial period
• No dangerous permissions
• No personal data collection
• No background tracking
• No high fructose corn syrup
• No cholesterol
• No peanuts
• No genetically-modified organisms
• No animals harmed in the making of this app
• No chemicals known to the State of California that may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

• Google Play billing permission for enabling the Premium in-app purchase.
• Network access for crash reports, especially for Google Play issues.

• Material Intro: © Jan Heinrich Reimer — MIT License
• Mockito: © Mockito contributors — MIT License
• Kotlin: © JetBrains — Apache 2 License
• Montserrat font: © The Montserrat Project Authors — SIL Open Font License
• ConstraintLayout: © Google — Apache 2 License
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Tip Calculator — Free with No Ads APK - v4.4.0

Updated: 2020-12-29

What's new

— New Premium Feature: AutomaTip™: Automatically calculates the tip and total from any purchase notifications sent to your phone!
— Basic Tip Calculator features will remain Forever Free with No Ads or IAP.
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4.4.0 (40400)2020-12-29
3.4.2 (30402)2020-08-29
3.4.0 (30400)2020-06-23
3.1.0 (30100)2020-02-05
2.0.0 (20000)2019-10-26
1.3.0 (10300)2019-08-12
1.2.1 (10201)2019-02-13
1.0.0 (10000)2019-01-28