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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesSay goodbye to paper timesheets or timecardsWeekly, biweekly or monthly PDFs


Create weekly or bi-weekly or monthly time sheets.
1.Enter your time.
2.Sign the PDF.
3.Email for payment....It's that simple.
NOTE:Timesheet PDF is free to trial, then subscription is required.

Feature list:
•Quick time entry - simply tap hours to pre-fill times with your defaults.
•3 reports to choose from
-Detailed PDF - you specify the date range (monthly, yearly...)
-Single Page Weekly PDF
-Single Page Bi-Weekly PDF (2 weeks)

•Add expenses or additional payments.
•Per diem / allowance amounts.
•Annual and Sick Leave.

•3 Overtime options to choose from
-Daily. Automatic daily calculation when hours exceed the daily limits you set.
-Weekly. Automatic weekly calculation when the weekly total hours exceed the limit you set.
-Or Manual overtime entry.

•Set hourly rate and travel rate for each client.
•Change the overtime rate for individual days or public holidays.
•Custom logo from device photo library.
•Sign and send timesheet as PDF email attachment or upload to google drive.
•Optional comments for each day.
•Optional mileage or trips entry.
•Display time durations as decimal or hr/min.
•Tax Label and % option.
•Time sheet /timecard reporting job hours for selected criteria.

and more...

NOTE:Timesheet PDF is free to trial, then subscription is required.

Timesheet PDF automatically calculates your daily hours and total rates.
Keep track of your daily log with Timesheet PDF.
In accordance with our fair use policy this app is limited to 1 user per licence.
The app contains hours validation per week.
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Timesheet PDF - Easily track hours worked APK - v1.41

Updated: 2020-12-25

What's new

Group entries by Month, Week etc. Tap down arrow to set.
New screen to Filter expenses by date, and email
Simplified backup/restore data to SD card.
Useful when updating to a new phone.
Option to attach csv data file when emailing detailed report.
Customise Annual Leave label. i.e change to Holiday leave.
New Tax option. Enter up to 2 tax items
Enter negative expense (on some keyboards double tap .- to switch decimal/minus)
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