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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesBrand new strategy card game masterpiece "Three Kingdoms: Age of Chaos".


Three Kingdoms: Age of Chaos is a 2D chessboard card game which is set in the three Kingdoms age mixed with Chinese mythology. It brings a brand new experience by adding various AI dungeons. Multiple massive-players PVP modes with strategic elements and city contending gameplay make the chessboard game more exciting than MMORPG. It also contains sandbox elements such as general collocation, different battlefields and weathers. You can use them wisely to bring your generals' power into full play. The fine arts and awesome effects bring the historical generals alive, who await you to create a new legendary age together!

[Feature One] Cultivate your generals to freely collocate their skills! You can select suitable passive skills for a general from abandunt choices. Your generals, you decide!
[Feature Two] Multiple PVP modes, where the most powerful and wisest lord wins! Clan War, the massive interactive PVP where all clans fight for their glory! Mines, the strategic military resources which all the lords should fight for! Arena, dispatch your generals and organize the formation properly, use your wisdom to overpower other lords!
[Feature Three] Spirit system, the best assistance makes your generals fear nothing! Battle against the fairy beasts to win three kinds of Spirit!
[Feature Four] A true hero should join the battles and achieve feats. Start your adventure fearlessly in the Exploration Dungeon! Experience three Kingdom stories, defeat three Kingdoms generals, and conquer the land!
[Feature Five] Plan your tactics wisely before the battle in the House of Tactics. There are fire, water, wind, earth and impair type of tactic and 10 different tactics of each type.

Build up your unique tactic tree! More interesting features like Daily Wheel, Gold Lottery and General Bet adds fun for the game. Do not hesitate to become a overlord in the three kingdoms world!

To learn more about the game, please follow the official Fan Page:
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Three Kingdoms: Age of Chaos APK - v1.7.6

Updated: 2019-08-07

What's new

What's new:

1.Fixed the crash bug when you login the game with phablet.
2.Fixed translation error.
3.Fixed other little bugs.
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