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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesIntelligent Checkers that would wake up your genius with new puzzle challenges.


★Large Patch Update★
✓ New Features : Puzzles! that will please you and increases your tactical skills.Puzzles can help improving your resourcefulness and problem solving skills.They have different difficulties to choose from easy to hard in 50 challenges.Collecting stars(★) will give you new crown caps and stamps.Prepare to take up the challenge now! You absolutely can't say GG EZ in this puzzles!

✓ New Features : More language support includes Thai and English for helping foreigner to play game enjoyably and smoothly. The language barrier is not problem anymore.

== Don’t miss these features! ==
• Nice and neat graphics.
• Relaxing celtic musics. The sound effects of pieces are made from real one.
• Enjoy with the shakable board animation when you captured more openent pieces!
• The best AI oppenent ever! Fast thinking with genius 6 different difficulties.
• The real Thai Checkers rule 100%. Master of Thai Checkers confirmed!
• Two-Players mode is just like a real board. No need to switching hands to play.
• Automatically save your game progression and recover it when you back.
• Completely Free to Play!

We are working hard on game translation, online system, pieces customize and much more will be come here soon. Stay tune!

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Thai Checkers - Genius Puzzle - หมากฮอส APK - v3.5.166

Updated: 2020-08-31

What's new

• Optimizing game performance
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3.5.166 (115)2020-08-31
3.5.165 (114)2020-08-07
3.5.161 (113)2020-07-15
3.5.158 (112)2020-05-23
3.5.152 (111)2020-05-13
3.5.150 (110)2020-02-16
3.5.146 (108)2020-01-24
3.5.144 (107)2020-01-17
3.5.142 (106)2020-01-13
3.5.140 (105)2019-12-01
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