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Author's NotesReview and manage recorded events from your TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry mode


Tesla Sentry Mode is an amazing feature, but it saves a video from each of the 3 to 4 cameras every minute, and there's no convenient way to look at the videos in the car! With this app, you can easily watch the dashcam and Sentry events saved on your TeslaCam USB drive without having to take it inside to a computer or waste time watching the many individual video files.

All that you need is your phone or tablet and a USB adapter to allow your USB drive to be plugged into the device. These are often known as OTG adapters, and sometimes come in the box with your phone.

Keep the adapter in your Tesla vehicle and anytime you get in the driver's seat to a notification saying "Sentry: 4 events recorded" you can instantly pop out the thumb drive and look at the videos. Just make sure you hold down the camera icon on your vehicle's screen to ready the USB drive for removal.

If you're in an accident or a victim of a theft or vandalism, viewing the video immediately is a must. This tool can help you zero in on the relevant videos and show them to law enforcement.

When you are done reviewing events, plug the USB back into the car and tap the camera icon on the car's display once to restart recording. You'll see the camera icon on your car's screen go from gray to red to indicate that it's recording again.

All of the core functionality here is free and ad-free, but there is a Premium in-app purchase that unlocks some bells and whistles to help fund continued app development.
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TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer APK - v1.3.3

Updated: 2020-03-23

What's new

Streamlined playback UI so there is less tapping to show and hide controls
Added icons to show which events have already been viewed
Added ability to save custom videos (premium)
Bug fixes
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