Explore your Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 over the Tesla API (unofficial)



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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesExplore your Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 over the Tesla API (unofficial)


Tesla Core lists all the data of your Tesla available through the Tesla API.
NEW in 1.0C is the battery degradation supervision in the battery folder
NEW in 1.1A is the command section
NEW in 1.2A Find your Tesla /Schedule HVAC
NEW in 1.2B Scheduled Charging

Favorite Section

Visualization of some data including speedometer, power, battery ranges and temperatures.

Drive State Section

Drive state including latitude, longitude, and heading of the vehicle.

Option Codes Section

Decodes all known option codes for your vehicle (Model 3 currently unreliable)

Battery Section

Charge state information including battery limit, charge miles, charge voltage, charge phases, current, charge management, and battery heater status.

Climate Section

Climate settings including seats, vents battery, steering wheel, and preconditioning state.

Complete Section

All Data including Localization settings including distance units, temperature units, charge units, and clock hour style.

Vehicle Section

All Vehicle Data including option codes. Option to wakeup vehicle from sleep to retrieve data and to honk horn

Command Section

Wakeup, Horn, Flashlight
Directions to find your car
Set charging limit (in steps of 5%)
Chargeport Operation
Lock/unlock car
HVAC on/off
HVAC schedule
Charging schedule

The app does NOT automatically wakeup your car from sleep mode.
Use the wakeup button in the last tab to wake your car up to receive data.

No adds, no in-app sales, no share of your information.
Note: This is Version 1.0.B in beta status. More features to come.
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Tesla Core APK - v1.2D02

Updated: 2019-11-13

What's new

This version starts to support starting Climate Control (HVAC) at a predefined time
This version starts supporting Charging at a predefined time.
Support for multiple vehicles in one account
Bug-Fix vehicle name
Enhanced display / information during charging
Support max defrost command
Enhanced degradation calculation / projected battery full range (Model 3 only)
Option to stop retrieving data when app is in background mode (new default)
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1.2D02 (20)2019-11-13
1.2B01 (15)2019-10-27
1.2A (13)2019-10-12
1.1A (12)2019-09-28
1.0E (11)2019-09-22
1.0C (8)2019-08-06
1.0B (6)2019-06-19