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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesSuper Slime stimulator to calm down anxiety


Break free from the fast-paced world! Sensory euphoria with every touch to the screen. Discover the new ASMR trend in relaxation experimenting with textures. Touch it, hear it — you’ll feel it!

Tease your senses with various triggers that relieve stress and calming anxiety. Perfect to escape from reality and dive into sensory paradise. TeaseEar is based on ASMR — the most progressive relaxation method that leaves meditation and white noise far behind.

How it works
- Choose a texture
- Touch the screen. You can tap, slide, even scratch. Let your fingers loose!
- Listen to the soothing sounds of the most pleasant to the touch materials and relax.

You’ll find 50+ realistic and amusing textures. Including all-time favourite slimes. Check it out:
Yogurt – a classic creamy texture blended with a raspberry jam
Honey – jelly-like, amber-coloured thingie
Confetti – tutti-frutti merry-go-round

New slimes every week!

Want to create your own virtual slime? It’s easy-peasy! And FREE!
Simply choose the foundation, add consistency agents, decorations and vibration level. Voila! Your personal slime is ready for fun.
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TeasEar - ASMR Slime Simulator APK - v2.3.15

Updated: 2021-03-05

What's new

Jump for joy, slime lovers!
The grandiose update of TeasEar has finally arrived.
You asked for it, we listened, and now it's here:
★ Haptic feedback: we've ve set all the settings to the maximum so you can enjoy an even more realistic experience;
★ New trendy design: it's time to discover the favorite app all over again;
★ UX update: we thought about you and made in-app navigation faster and smoother.
We would appreciate it if you can spare just a moment to review our app on Google Play!
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2.3.15 (200136)2021-03-05
2.3.14 (200132)2021-02-20
2.3.13 (200130)2021-02-12
2.3.10 (200129)2021-01-25
2.3.9 (200123)2021-01-19
2.3.8 (200118)2020-12-27
2.3.7 (200115)2020-12-18
2.3.5 (200110)2020-12-12
2.3.4 (200106)2020-11-24
2.3.3 (200105)2020-11-19
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